6th June, 2020


The Law of Giving – life is all about give and take.

In order to take you first need to give to the universe.


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Read our heart rending stories from some the single parents that is a part of our online community. Here at VaRety we are passionate about supporting, educating and motivating single parents. This is one of the reasons that we are supporting and Promoting the Gingerbread Charity. 

Our Stories: Read the personal journeys of single parents that seeks to inspire, motivate and educate us. They have overcome difficult situations in order to achieve a positive outcomes for their children and family.

Dana's Story: 

My Story: Read compelling, heart warming and encouraging stories of single parents who have overcome obstacles and align themselves with what the universe has in store for them!

My name is Dana, I am the mother of three children. now a proud 5. I was a single parent for over 12 years. I became single following the breakdown of my marriage, Prior to meeting my husband I had a 5-year-old son and one daughter during the marriage. For three years we had a good marriage and a business that was thriving. Soon after my husband cheated on me with one of our clients and she became pregnant with his child. When I found out he had another child on the way my world fell apart. However, we decided to try and work through the problem and during this time I became pregnant with our third child, his son. He left when I was pregnant with his son and returned after he was born.

Eight months after I decided that it was never going to work and I ended the marriage, with great reluctance but for my emotional wellbeing and that of my children. The breakup was traumatic, and It broke my heart for my children, especially my daughter who was only three years at the time. I had devoted a lot of time to the business and neglected my career, after I managed to pull myself together, I decided it was time to focus on myself.  

I had no relatives in the UK so I had no support system. It was a difficult journey and after many failures, sacrifices and setback I completed my degree in Health Promotion, gained an award for the most enterprising student that have contributed not only to university life but to the community, I volunteered as a breastfeeding support and HIV/AIDS Support worker in my community. I have worked with adults with Learning disability and autism and found it rewarding. The fact that I was supporting and advocating for vulnerable individuals made me realise there was much more I could contribute and achieve. I decided to complete my master’s degree and I did so and gained an award for the most resilient student who completed their studies and overcame the many challenges faced.

Being single with children could be the catalyst you need to achieve those projects you had on hold for so many years. Being a parent, sometimes you sacrifice your own livelihood to ensure that your children are feeling nurtured, loved and is safe. I stayed positive because I had three children that were dependent on me for guidance and setting boundaries. There were days when I had no money for groceries and the electricity and gas was on the emergency and had run out. We would huddle together in the dark or with candles and pray for a miracle. There were days when I could not stop my tears, until my tears ran dry and I became tired of feeling sorry for myself, and a victim. I have always been resourceful, and we found a way to pull through. Now my life has changed drastically, and I am in a much better place, married to the most patient, loving and humble person. We have been recently been blessed with twins (Boy and Girl)! God has blessed my life immensely; I have never left my faith in fact it grew stronger! My children are all grown, and they are good, not perfect by any means but God fearing, conscientious and caring individuals. I am a professional and a mandated person for children.  My mission is to offer support, educate and motivate single parent families to excel and achieve a positive outcome.

Give Single Parents a Chance

Single parents work hard to do the best for their families, but too many are still struggling with poverty, loneliness and social stigma.

We want every single parent to be aware of the services we provide, and to know that we are just a phone call or a message away. Read more about how donations help us to do this.

Single parents are great. They work so hard to make ends meet. They raise brilliant children. They achieve great things.

But the situation is extremely difficult for single parents and their families. Despite their hard work, inflexible hours and a lack of access to affordable childcare means that many can only work limited hours. 68% of single parents entering the workforce enter the lowest three occupation groups.

Along with the fact that less than half of single parents receive child maintenance, this means that many single parents aren’t able to put any money aside for rainy days, facing a constant struggle to scrape enough together to pay the bills, put food on the table and simply to survive.

And this trickles down: children in single parent families are twice as likely to live in poverty as children living in two parent households.  


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